Mark Ryden, Snow White trial proof, giclée on archival, cotton rag, art paper. Image area is 15" x 10", paper size is 16¾" x 11¼". Condition is mint. This print was made by the printer so that Mark could inspect it for color accuracy prior to the printing of the official Porterhouse Fine Art Editions Snow White giclée, which has been sold out for almost ten years. There were several trial proofs made, each different, but this is the only one which was approved by Mark, and is identical to the published edition
(same paper and color settings), with the following distinctions:
  • The image area size is 15" x 10" (the image area of the edition prints is 40" x 27")
  • It has a hand lettered red marker "asterisk" next to notation in the margin above the upper left corner of the image reading: "6snow.irs (Ryden) 85100100100/moran/m1k/ds140/eq/a/m2"
  • It is stamped in red ink, in the lower right corner, with the word "PROOF"
  • It is not signed or numbered by Mark Ryden, but was the trial proof
    approved for the printing of the final edition
  • The back has other printing which does not effect the image in any way (see the photos below).
  • This is a rarest of the rare, a one-of-a-kind piece (the regular edition, now valued in the $10,000-15,000 range for one copy, was issued in an edition of 50)
  • A letter stating full provenance is included with the piece

Mark Ryden, Snow White trial proof, giclée on archival, cotton rag, art paper.
Professionally framed and matted (with a burgundy colored velvet matte),
and UV protectant glass. The framed size 21½" wide by 16½" high.
(Please note: The odd angle of the paper in the last image showing the back of the print is due to the angle at which the photograph was shot. The paper is actually rectangular in shape.)

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please EMAIL for the price, or make an offer.

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